I am a nutrition and lifestyle wellness expert specializing in detailed consultations and personalized diet and lifestyle plans that create vibrant health. I design custom-made workshops for businesses and speak at conferences, festivals or private gatherings on current health and nutrition topics backed by peer reviewed science.

It’s not always easy to make the changes we need to improve our health. It takes time, effort, tenacity and a positive mindset. It is my goal to help you easily learn and apply this knowledge, so you can avoid the years of health misery that I once endured and boost your health to new levels.

Here’s what I offer to help you on your journey to vibrant health.

One-on-One Consultation

Have you got low energy, poor sleep, low moods, brain fog, aches and pains, digestion issues, gas and bloating or hormone imbalances? Learn the long-term health benefits of diet, exercise, stress reduction and key lifestyle practices to boost your energy levels for Vibrant Health and optimal wellness.

What's included

1. Individualized nutrition education, nutrient dense diet recommendations, meal plans and recipes.

2. Thorough evaluation of eating habits, relationships, stress load, lifestyle and health symptoms.

3. Supplement, lifestyle and mind-body wellness strategies with easy instructions and handouts for clients to follow recommendations.

4. Education on specific health needs and the long-term health benefits of diet, exercise, stress reduction and lifestyle to improve energy levels and wellness.

Key Takeaways

  • Healthy, delicious alternative recipes for food allergies or sensitivities​
  • Science backed lifestyle techniques to boost health and energy levels
  • Advice on how to incorporate new health habits and lifestyle changes for success
  • Develop goals and methods to support health changes and enable health promoting habits
  • Motivational techniques to encourage habit changes that may be challenging
  • Continued assessment and support with texts and emails
  • Regular progress meetings to assess and ensure steady progress towards goals
  • Stress reduction techniques, individualized guided meditations, relaxation and breathwork
  • Guided grocery store trip and/or clear out your kitchen cupboards


Workshops giving you tools, tips and techniques to support your path to Vibrant Health.

What's included

1. Wholefood cooking classes with advice on seasonal, organic eating, macro and micronutrients. See below for class topics.

2. Nutrition education, menu plans, and healthy delicious recipes with adjustments for dietary restrictions.

3. Stress reduction and mindfulness workshops where you will experience and learn guided meditations, relaxation and tapping techniques.

4. Breathwork/pranayama techniques and gentle movement and body awareness tips for nervous system support and stress reduction.

Key Takeaways

  • Workshops can be run from one hour to three hours and are tailored to your needs
  • They can be set up in a boardroom, lunchroom or any meeting space that suits your requirements
  • Easy to learn techniques that you can make a part of your everyday lifestyle
  • Informative handouts you can take home
  • Nutrition plans that will support your personal wellness goals
  • Cooking workshops include demonstration of various dishes, hands-on participation and tasting!
  • For cooking workshops, a kitchen space is necessary, topics include: Make Your Own Fermented Foods, Easy Delicious Raw Sweet Treats, Stupendous Stews and Broths, Seriously Good Soups and Salads

Speaking & Presentations

Inspirational and educational talks backed by the latest scientific research, for you and your friends, team, colleagues and/or employees.

What's included

1. Choice of any topic on health and nutrition you desire to know more about.

2. Alternatively, you can or choose from one of my talks below.

3. Content tailored to your specific audience.

4. Flexibility in arranging times and locations.

Key Takeaways

  • Optimal nutrition for you and your gut microbiome
  • How nutrition effects health, depression and disease
  • Why we need mitochondria and why they affect EVERYTHING!
  • How to optimize your circadian rhythm for vibrant health?
  • How to combat neuroinflammation for increased focus and happiness
  • Diet and lifestyle for managing chronic illness and autoimmune disease naturally
  • Stress Reduction Series, choose one or book a few:
  • Take control of your stress – stress science and how to reduce it
  • Nutrition, hydration, exercise and supplements for stress reduction
  • Unlocking the power of the vagus nerve and the limbic system
  • Beneficial stress (aka hormesis), what is it and how to do it?
  • Essential oils, forest bathing and herbs – the power of nature for stress reduction

Red & Near Infrared Light

Red and near infrared (NIR) light service brought to your door to boost your energy and reduce fatigue. Red and NIR light spectrums have been scientifically proven to have a plethora of impacts on our biology. We now know that these wavelengths of light are food for our cells and tissues. Simply exposing our skin to red and NIR light can charge up our cellular batteries (mitochondria), boost cellular energy output, decrease inflammation and have many more benefits.

What's included

1. Short, effective sessions: it takes only a few minutes of exposure to these lights to create more cellular energy in the body. A 10-minute session is enough to create significant impacts on our biology.

2. The same treatment with light devices that many professional athletes are using to improve their performance and boost energy levels.

3. Effective anti-aging results that many clinics use to enhance skin complexion and decrease the signs of aging.

4. Inflammation reduction: I endured years of knee pain and swelling; after only three months of consistent NIR use my symptoms were gone and my energy sky-rocketed.

Key Takeaways

  • Consistent service of several sessions over a period of time that suits your needs
  • Powerful and safe equipment from Red Therapy Co: I use two Red Rush 360 red/NIR light devices, the top-rated brand, third party tested and FDA Class II Registered Medical Device
  • Clinically proven wavelengths of 660nm & 850nm for both surface and deeper tissue penetration
  • Easy to use, sit or stand near a device for 10-15 minutes to charge your cells
  • Drastically higher energy levels, increased collagen production and improved thyroid function
  • Reduced inflammation, muscle fatigue and joint pain

Guided Forest Bathing

Research shows that the benefits of regular forest bathing include reduced stress, decreased anxiety, improved immune function, reduced blood pressure, increased energy, and increased ability to focus. It can also inspire creativity, enhance a sense of well-being, and improve your health, wellness and happiness! You will be guided to slow down and connect with nature and yourself, bringing you into the present moment to de-stress and relax.

What's included

1. You will be guided to slow down and interact with the forest in a mindful and meaningful way. Engaging all your senses, learn to tune in to the sensations, smells, colors, feel and sounds of the forest.

2. A soothing, restorative experience that allows your body and mind to deeply relax and forget daily stressors. A non-judgemental, peaceful space where you can connect with yourself, others and nature.

3. A one, two or three hour, group or private guided experience at various locations tailored to your needs. If requested you can personalize the experience to include forest walking, stretching, breathwork and/or meditation.

4. Forest bathing finishes with an uplifting ceremonial tea and delicious, healthy, homemade treats where you can relax, enjoy and share your experience with others in the group.

Key Takeaways

  • Walks move slowly over a gentle landscape and are usually 1 km or less in length, so are suitable for most fitness levels, ages and abilities.
  • Translated from the Japanese term shinrin-yoku, forest bathing is also known as forest therapy.
  • A forest bathing will help you to unplug from technology, slow down and de-stress. Even a small amount of time in nature can have an impact on health.
  • Numerous studies have shown that regular forest bathing has real health benefits
  • Decreases stress and anxiety by lowering cortisol levels.
  • Boosts your immune system by 40%, and it will remain like this for a week.
  • Forest bathing for consecutive days can boost immunity that remains increased for 30 days.
  • Heightens mood and enhances creativity.
  • Improves sleep and increases energy levels.
  • Helps you to feel a greater sense of peace and calm.
  • Deepens your connection with yourself, others and the natural world around you.