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I am a nutrition expert and published researcher with over 20 years of experience. It is my goal to educate, support, and empower you to maximize your health and energy levels, and to achieve your personal wellness goals.

Hello and welcome! I’m Kim

I recovered from serious chronic illness and this is my story. In my 20’s, I was a strong, healthy and active young woman, I didn’t give my health or my body a second thought. I took it all for granted. I could not imagine then, the health nightmare of unimaginable pain, fatigue, anxiety, depression and cognitive decline that was in store for me.
So how did it all start?

In my early 20’s, I contracted and recovered from Epstein Barr Virus, a few years later I became infected with a parasite called Blastocystis hominis. I was unaware I had parasite causing havoc in my system, although there were symptoms, they developed gradually; brain fog, dark circles under my eyes, breast lumps, dermatitis herpetiformis, other skin rashes, digestive changes (pain, bloating, constipation). Over time I developed many food sensitivities as this undetected microbe continued to cause inflammation in my gut. Without any testing, my doctor diagnosed me with IBS and said there was not much I could do for it.

Despite this, I was still very active, cycling to work every day, camping, hiking, scrambling, and even mountaineering. I even had the energy to start Flamenco guitar lessons and I became a certified yoga instructor, teaching in my spare time after work. But then a bout of severe food poisoning and a skiing fall triggered a major decline in my health. The fall resulted in chronic neck pain and possibly a mild traumatic brain injury (TBI).

To add to the burden on my body, I had taken the birth control pill for many years, not knowing of the negative consequences. When I stopped taking it, I experienced huge emotional and hormonal imbalances. Not long after, a breast ultrasound detected a suspicious lump which had to be surgically removed and I developed numerous uterine fibroids that grew out of control. I tried everything to shrink the fibroids: Chinese herb stews, acupuncture, cupping, bioidentical hormones and hormone balancing tinctures, but nothing helped. In desperation, I took a menopause inducing medication to shrink them. My doctor told me it was safe, but halfway through the treatment, as I developed some painful side effects, I discovered this drug may cause disabling health issues. I was happy my fibroids had reduced in size but was concerned about the long term consequences of this treatment.

At this point I was struggling to get into work and be competent at my science job. I felt confused and guilty for underperforming and didn’t understand what was happening to me. I no longer had energy for my hobbies or even a social life. Being around people and trying to understand conversations became challenging. I was no longer my usual, happy, carefree self, but felt irritable, fatigued and low. My confusion was further compounded by severe brain fog comparable to stage 4 Alzheimer’s symptoms.

My decline continued in my forties and I hit rock bottom. I had gone from a happy, fun loving, mountain climber to being miserable, bedridden, and barely able to walk a block to the local store. I was forced to take medical leave and diagnosed with multiple health issues: fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, POTS, moderate obstructive sleep apnea, IBS, depression, hormone imbalances, myofascial pain syndrome, parasites, osteoarthritis, costochondritis, bladder dysfunction, interstitial cystitis, numb and tingling arms, hands, fingers (I was assessed for multiple sclerosis) and the list goes on.

Doctors advised that I would never recover, that this was now my life and I should learn to cope with my new disabilities. Back then I trusted that my doctor would understand my complex health problems and be able to help me. But as test after test came back negative, all I was offered was a prescription for anti-depressants. I knew that life long anti-depressants weren’t for me, that this would not treat the root cause of my issues. I had a gut feeling that my symptoms were related to the decline in my gut health and the TBI from the skiing accident! I realized I had to take my health into my own hands if I didn’t want to remain disabled and depressed.

I scoured scientific research and followed functional medicine and naturopathic doctors online, slowly learning the key components to recovering from a complex chronic illness, and incorporating them in my life. The most impactful were; a nutrient dense, low histamine, Paleo anti-inflammatory diet, Neurocranial Reconstruction (a powerful technique that realigned my head, neck and nervous system), regular exercise when possible (walking, hiking and yoga), being in nature, sunshine, infrared sauna, red/near infrared light therapy, targeted supplements, coffee enemas and the support from loved ones. Another key factor was reprogramming my thought patterns and habits, accepting my disability and much slower-paced life, removing negativity, finding enjoyment in small things, taking time for radical self-care, being patient and kind to myself, and not giving up.

Within two years my debilitating symptoms had reversed. I returned to work, but with my new passion for health I decided to change my career, I achieved a holistic nutritionist certification and completed numerous professional online health programs. I had learned so much about optimizing health, but I was perplexed as to why this information was not more well-known, especially by conventional healthcare and even many naturopaths. My goal is to fill this knowledge gap, share this invaluable health information, and provide life-changing education and support. I want to help you avoid or recover from years of health misery and despair, and let you know that you too can recover from serious chronic illness.

Professional qualifications

Certified Holistic Nutrition Diploma & Holistic Culinary Certification
Canadian School of Natural Nutrition

Master’s in Diabetes Research
University of Wales College of Medicine

Bachelor of Science
Medical Microbiology Hons
University of Edinburgh, Scotland

Kim has also completed

Clinical Strategies and Treatment in Autoimmunity, Neuroinflammation and Gastrointestinal Dysfunction Certification

Digestive Intensive Program

Customized Nutrition & Therapeutic Diets Program

Progressive Practitioner Coaching Program

Applied Neuroscience Program Certification

Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor, Vancouver, BC


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